The Mind: A Loyal Servant, A Dangerous Master.

There are many things that fascinated me as a child but none fascinated me more than a human mind. And I know I’m not the only one.The Mind has captured the attention of thousands and those who realized its power are now  great people who we hear about in our day to day lives. The power that your mind gives you is no less than magic. Yes, MAGIC! You can do anything, achieve everything you want by just knowing that you possess  magical  powers which are hidden in your brain.

Isn’t is amazing how millions of facts, information and memories can be stored in a complex network of billions of neurons? Or the way how we can hear, speak,see or feel? And the most important, the way we can think! Think, something we say to ourselves without having anyone interfere us.


The Secret To The Powers: THOUGHTS!

You might have a question, “If I really  have magical powers, why can I not control it?’ or more-like “How do I use them?”. The answer to this is, your thoughts! Strange but true. Each and every thing that strikes your brain shapes it. Now it’s you who is going to decide what kind of result you want. A positive one? Then fill yourself or think about all the positive things that you can think of. Just clear your mind of the word “can’t”. And trust me, it works. Just thinking about it can help you achieve your goals. And if your thoughts are negative, you will never have a happy and a positive life.

Let me explain why.

Do you think that YOU control each and every part of your body by your choice? Well, you don’t. Can you control the iris present in your eyes? Or the Digestive system? Or the temperature that the body needs to maintain? NOPE. Not everything in a human body can be controlled  with their own choices. Then how does it functions? Our brain has two parts: the Conscious part and the Sub-Conscious part. The Sub-Conscious part is responsible for the above mentioned phenomena whereas the rest of the things, for example: talking, walking, writing, singing and many more is controlled by the Conscious part which is under your control. But studies shows that our Sub-Conscious part of our brain is influenced by the Conscious part. It can be said that our brain is a ship where the Conscious Mind is the captain. And each thought is granted as a command by our Sub-Conscious Mind. If we think we are sleepy then that will be taken as a command and the brain releases chemical which then goes to the entire body and the body works accordingly, thus, making you feel sleepy.

Same goes for any negative thought. If you think that you can’t complete a piece of work, then you can’t. Because even this thought of yours is accepted as a command and the brain along with the body functions similarly.


So, next time if you have any negative thought, immediately change it into a positive one, it will help. And in this was, if you control your Mind, it will be the most honest, faithful and loyal servant but if you are unable to do so, the same power can ruin your entire life.

If you want to learn more about it then do read the followings books:
i. The Power Of Your Sub-Conscious Mind by Joseph Murphy
ii. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Stay Positive, Stay Happy! 😀


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Hey there! I’m Shruti Sah  and I’m 16. I’m just a simple girl who is trying to learn and find happiness and peace. I started a blog to learn more about the brain and also with an aim to find people who have same interest as me. Here, I’ll be writing about the things that I learn and hope that this will help others learn as well.

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